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  • 03:41 Popular INSPIRATIONS


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    A short movie inspired on Escher's works and a free vision on how it could be his workplace. — 3D animation by Cristóbal Vila · More info about this movie: etereaestudios.com — Music theme “Lost Song” by Ólafur

  • 01:33 Popular Drake Equation - Infographic

    Drake Equation - Infographic

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    An animated explanation of the Drake Equation, which calculates the number of intelligent, communicable civilizations in the galaxy. Voice-over by Carl Sagan, from Cosmos.

  • 02:06 Popular Vol Libre

    Vol Libre

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    I made this film in 1979-80 to accompany a SIGGRAPH paper on how to synthesize fractal geometry with a computer. It is the world's first fractal movie. It utilizes 8-10 different fractal generating algorithms. I used an antialiased version of this softwar

  • 03:44 Popular Maths is everywhere

    Maths is everywhere

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    Animation to inspire children's interest in maths.

  • 02:47 Popular Origami Animation

    Origami Animation

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    Please subscribe http://www.youtube.com/nariomarusome making photo is here. http://www.pt-box.com/movie_en/origami_mov.html ORIGAMI stop motion animation(15frames/Sec)andMaking of stop motion animation(Time-lapse photography)I made this animation by about

  • 03:19 Popular Mathematics Magic

    Mathematics Magic

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    Stop motion animation showing shapes being built from nets. Features our orange play doh man and music from Leslie Feist.