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Maths and Art

  • 03:44 Popular Nature by Numbers

    Nature by Numbers

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    A SHORT MOVIE INSPIRED ON NUMBERS, GEOMETRY AND NATURE. Go to etereaestudios.com for more info about movie. Music by Wim Mertens - “Often a bird” from the album “Jardin Clos”, 1996 - © Usura - Published by Usura 2010

  • 02:03 Popular TEDxSUMMIT - The Power of X

    TEDxSUMMIT - The Power of X

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    /// CHALLENGE Prove 'The Power of X' by attempting an Idea Worth Doing to open TEDxSUMMIT in Doha, Qatar. WE ARE Pi collaborated with the Koener Union and Paris’ BIG Productions. Together, they fused architecture, dance, math and magic into a bespok

  • 38:30 Popular Michael Moschen: Juggling rhythm and motion

    Michael Moschen: Juggling rhythm and motion

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    http://www.ted.com Michael Moschen puts on a quietly mesmerizing show of juggling. Don't think juggling is an art? You might just change your mind after watching Moschen in motion.

  • 03:03 Popular CATEN . David Letellier

    CATEN . David Letellier

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    Caten . 2012 Kinetic sound installation by David Letellier davidletellier.net Created for the Saint Sauveur chapel in Caen, Caten is a levitating sculpture, determined by gravity and guiding the evolution of a sound composition. 300 fine wires suspended f

  • 54:11 Popular Craig Kaplan on Mathematical Art and Artistic Mathematicians

    Craig Kaplan on Mathematical Art and Artistic Mathematicians

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    Craig Kaplan discusses origami, tiling patterns and other areas of art where mathematics and computers have had a significant impact. The lecture, entitled Mathematical Art and Artistic Mathematicians, was deliverd at the Quantum to Cosmos Festival.

  • 01:00 Popular Boundary Functions (1998) by Scott Snibbe

    Boundary Functions (1998) by Scott Snibbe

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    We think of personal space as something that belongs entirely to ourselves. However, Boundary Functions shows us that personal space exists only in relation to others and changes without our control.http://snibbe.com/projects/interactiv...Boundary Functio

  • 05:11 Popular Vanuatu Sand Drawings

    Vanuatu Sand Drawings

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    UNESCO: Representative List of the Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity - 2008URL: http://www.unesco.org/culture/ich/RL/...Description: Situated in the South Pacific, the Vanuatu archipelago has preserved a unique and complex tradition of sand drawing

  • 00:57 Popular vanuatu sand drawing

    vanuatu sand drawing

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    This type of sand drawing is done on the central islands of Vanuatu: mainly Maewo, Pentecost, Ambae and Ambrym. The narration is a bit difficult to understand but here a sand drawing of a sea turtle is shown, which indicates that a child is of the family