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  • 05:43 Popular Latest on the labour market - January 2012

    Latest on the labour market - January 2012

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    Short video explaining the labour market estimates from the ONS covering September to November 2011.It shows the quarterly changes in employment, unemployment and inactivity as well as the monthly change in the claimant count. It then focuses on changes i

  • 06:01 Popular Professor Risk

    Professor Risk

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    David Spiegelhalter's proper title is Professor of the Public Understanding of Risk. He is in two minds (literally) about playing it safe or chucking caution to the wind. Decisions, decisions!? Are bacon sandwiches really that dangerous and is it wise to

  • 08:10 Popular Miniature Stoke

    Miniature Stoke

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    The purpose of mini Stoke is to bring to life a number of important ‘facts’ about peoples health and well-being in Stoke-on-Trent. It describes a moment in time, and aims to tell the story of what Stoke-on-Trent would be like if it was made up

  • 04:11 Popular Hans Rosling sequence

    Hans Rosling sequence

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    A major sequence in the BBC 4 documentary 'The Joy of Stats', which has already gained nearly 4 million youtube views.

  • 03:16 Popular The Miniature Earth . 2010 Edition . Official Version

    The Miniature Earth . 2010 Edition . Official Version

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    What if the world's population were reduced to 100 people community? Visit www.miniature-earth.com.