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  • 01:35 Popular Shoot-n-Drop


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    An apparatus that at once shoots a billiard ball horizontally and drops another one vertically from an equal height. Even though the two have different initial velocities, they both accelerate in the same direction and at the same rate due to Earth's grav

  • 01:00 Popular Soap Film Loops

    Soap Film Loops

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    Floating soaked loops of thread onto a soap film. Surface tension pulls the thread into round loops. Sorry about the soft focus.The soap film is 2/3 cup liquid dishwashing soap, 2 to 3 tablespoons glycerine, and one gallon of water (let stand overnight).

  • 01:49 Popular Synchronization of Metronomes

    Synchronization of Metronomes

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    Five metronomes are set to 176 bpm and placed on a Foam Core board. When empty cans are placed underneath, the board is free to move from side to side and the metronomes are able to influence each other into synchronization. When the cans are removed the

  • 01:46 Popular Pendulum Waves

    Pendulum Waves

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    Fifteen uncoupled simple pendulums of monotonically increasing lengths dance together to produce visual traveling waves, standing waves, beating, and (seemingly) random motion.For more details see http://sciencedemonstrations.fas.harvard.edu/icb/icb.do?ke

  • 01:05 Popular Shattering Wineglass

    Shattering Wineglass

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    Sound is used to drive a wineglass into resonance behavior. In the first clip we see in 600 fps a glass vibrating at its fundamental frequency, with a small strip of paper bouncing up and down as it straddles the lip of the glass. The next two clips show

  • 02:26 Popular Wineglass Normal Modes

    Wineglass Normal Modes

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    The first two normal modes of oscillation for a wineglass subjected to amplified sound. The fundamental mode (529.3 Hz) and the second mode (1368.0 Hz) are observed with the help of a strip of paper and a strobe light.The fundamental mode has 4 antinodes.

  • 01:21 Popular Coriolis Free Throw

    Coriolis Free Throw

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    A rotating, non-inertial frame of reference makes ball playing difficult.For details on our setup, see http://sciencedemonstrations.fas.harvard.edu/icb/icb.do?keyword=k16940&pageid=icb.page80675&pageContentId=icb.pagecontent202048&state=maximi

  • 02:22 Popular Bed of Nails

    Bed of Nails

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    A 2 cm (3/4") thick, 45 cm by 75 cm (1.5'× 2.5') plywood board has approximately 1,000 16-penny nails pounded into it so that they extend through the board. The nails are spaced about 2 cm apart. A similar board, but with twice the thickness (actual

  • 03:23 Popular Tippy Top

    Tippy Top

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    Precession of a small metal top leads to surprising results. Shot in 1200 fps with a Casio EX-F1. Special thanks to Nils and Rob for their help.

  • 00:26 Popular Dinner Table

    Dinner Table

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    The tablecloth is suddenly pulled out from under a dinner setting. Please use eye protection when trying this on your own. The table cloth is cotton. Shot in 300 fps.

  • 01:32 Popular Coanda Beach Ball

    Coanda Beach Ball

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    The beach ball is held in position thanks to the air flow surrounding it. The fast moving air is at a lower pressure than the still air; should the ball move from the stream, the higher pressure of the still air pushes it back in.Like us on Facebook! http

  • 00:26 Popular Falling Faster Than g

    Falling Faster Than g

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    A hinged board rotates under the force of gravity and the free end accelerates at a rate faster than g. This board is 1 meter long and starts at an initial angle of just under 35 degrees. A steel ball bearing sits on a golf tee about 2 cm above the end of

  • 02:07 Popular Olive-Wineglass Puzzler with Actual Olive

    Olive-Wineglass Puzzler with Actual Olive

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    A wineglass transfers a small green olive to another glass using centripetal motion and friction. Shot in 300fps using a Casio EX-F1. Thanks to Rob for letting us use the camera.Like us on Facebook! http://www.facebook.com/NatSciDemos

  • 04:39 Popular Vortex Shedding

    Vortex Shedding

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    Audible harmonics of a length of steel piano wire are excited by vortices as the air moves around it. Like us on Facebook! http://www.facebook.com/NatSciDemos.

  • 01:17 Popular Two Ball Bounce - Bang Goes The Theory - Hands On - BBC One

    Two Ball Bounce - Bang Goes The Theory - Hands On - BBC One

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    http://www.bbc.co.uk/bang/handson/ Use science to get an amazing bounce from an ordinary ball. Watch the video and you'll see it's instant fun. All you need is two balls that weigh different amounts.

  • 02:07 Popular Honda Accord 'cog' Advert

    Honda Accord 'cog' Advert

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    Use this in mechanics lessons.