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  • 03:44 Popular Nature by Numbers

    Nature by Numbers

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    A SHORT MOVIE INSPIRED ON NUMBERS, GEOMETRY AND NATURE. Go to etereaestudios.com for more info about movie. Music by Wim Mertens - “Often a bird” from the album “Jardin Clos”, 1996 - © Usura - Published by Usura 2010

  • 04:47 Popular Notes On A Triangle

    Notes On A Triangle

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    Whimsical animated short on the equilateral triangle. A ballet of geometric shapes, whose outcomes are set according to the whim of the author, but within the limits of the geometric analysis. The three-time cadences of a sentimental waltz come alleviate

  • 01:58 Popular Flatland 2: Sphereland Trailer

    Flatland 2: Sphereland Trailer

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    ***FLATLAND 2: SPHERELAND now available at http://store.flatlandthemovie.com*** 'Sphereland' is the sequel to 2007's 'Flatland: The Movie', an animated adaptation of Edwin A. Abbott's classic novel about geometric shapes living in the second dimension and

  • 02:06 Popular Flatland: The Movie trailer

    Flatland: The Movie trailer

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    Collection Agency Film partner Dano Johnson co-wrote, co-directed, and animated the heck out of this adaptation of Edwin A. Abbott's classic mathematical fantasy. Starring Martin Sheen, Michael York, and Kristen Bell, 'Flatland: The Movie' is available fo

  • 10:00 Popular The Dot and the Line: A Romance in Lower Mathematics

    The Dot and the Line: A Romance in Lower Mathematics

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    Based on the book by Norton Juster.

  • 03:56 Popular Ryan Babel Circle Theorem

    Ryan Babel Circle Theorem

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    Ryan Babel demonstrates and proves his favourite circle theorem: Diameter subtends a right angle. Intro & equation music from "Take Off Sequence" by Bassache.